July 10th, 2020
(this is an excerpt from my YC application last year)

Q: Please tell us something surprising or amusing that one of you has discovered.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to work for Kanye West on a contract basis.

I'm a huge Kanye fan - so how could I turn down that opportunity?

I drove to his secret location to work with him and his team. I had expectations that it would be this life-changing experience, working with insanely talented A-players.

When I got there, I realized that it was just like any other company I've worked at before: poor communication, gossip, people complaining about their bosses, turnover, etc - there was nothing magical or special there.

This reminded me that my only path to fulfillment is by creating my own shit. I will never be happy working for someone else or following someone else's dream, even if that person happens to be the greatest artist of our generation.

I will never work for Kanye. I will collaborate with Kanye. Those are two very different ways of looking at life.

Kanye did not become Kanye by working for someone else. He created his own shit!