July 12th, 2021
In June, we officially crossed $500K ARR (yearly run rate)!

June 2021:

  • Revenue: $43.9K (+7% MoM)
  • Uniques (GA): 749K (+0% MoM)
  • Newsletter: 108K Total (+10K) (-40% MoM)

Apologies for the short update, but June was more or less the same as May... 

Last month, this month, and for the rest of the year we are working hard and staying focused on our goal to reach 5 million visitors per month.

This goal is very ambitious (we are at ~1M/month right now) but we are still gunning for it!

We’re spending most of our time thinking and executing on projects that will reach more entrepreneurs around the world.

From finding the right business idea to finding a manufacturer to growing your business to selling your business, we’re always thinking of new tools that can help entrepreneurs across the entrepreneurial “stack”, or across the entire lifecycle of starting a business.

In other words, when you start a business, you have a million questions. Our goal is to answer those questions.

And as a business, we’re thinking every day about how we can do this at scale. Better, faster, cheaper, and of higher quality.

This is what sets us apart from other media companies and blogs. Our never-ending improvements, new inventions, and engineering mindset will strengthen our business over time, and make us more profitable and sustainable.

And more importantly, it will lead to helping more people around the world start and grow their own businesses.

We’ll keep pushing forward on our 5M goal by the end of the year!

Thanks for following along :)