May 5th, 2020
Today I tweeted something and immediately regretted it.

It was pretty harmless/sarcastic, but overall, it was a condescending thing to say, with the guise of being clever and funny.

Looking back, it came off as "I'm better than you".

I don't want to be that guy. I don't want to make a living or be known for being critical of others.

Because, deep down, that's an insecurity of mine. I am really critical and judgemental of others, and I need to stop that.

One of the only ways I can stop that is by creating and working on my own things. The more energy I put into that, the less I'll care about what others are doing with their life.

If I can be less judgemental, then I will be a better person, I'll be more successful, and I'll live a happier life.

Maybe that will be my "hobby" for May. How can I be less critical/judgemental?