October 30th, 2020
I will be buying the iPhone 12 Mini.

Nobody seems to be talking about it, but I want this one!

Why do our phones need to get bigger and bigger? 

I want a smaller phone, that does less things. I don’t want to watch movies on my phone. I just want it to text and make calls and listen to music and take some photos.

I think some people actually believe a bigger screen would allow them “to get more business done”, just like they believe having an external monitor will make them more productive.

When in reality, we get more done with less. Take Slack and email off of your phone for a week: you’ll be more productive and have far more peace of mind. Then, take Instagram, FB, LinkedIn, news apps, etc off. You'll achieve your dreams.

I’ll take a smaller phone. Less space in my pocket. 

I hope they’ll make an even smaller phone after this. Maybe other people feel this way, and the iPhone mini is a massive success? I will certainly be rocking my iPhone Mini with pride, showing everyone that less is more!


iPhone mini on the left.