February 23rd, 2021
Getting closer to getting my investments sorted. Been doing a lot of research and learning.

This whole thing was sparked by the following:

  • I want to spend less time checking stock prices and following the markets
  • I should be more diversified
  • My time and energy is better spent on my own business
  • I’m a business builder, not an investor. Pick one...
  • I think there will be a market correction/bubble soon. I don’t want that stress. And I’m happy with the gains I’ve had.

Ideal Allocation:

Here’s the ballpark allocation I’d like to have:

  • 67% in diversified ETFs
  • 33% in individual stocks & Bitcoin
  • +6 months emergency fund

Why still invest in individual stocks? I don’t want to sell my Bitcoin and I also like the idea of keeping a smaller amount invested into a couple of companies that I really believe in. 

I just finished the Amazon book and remembered why I want to hold my Amazon stock. Or, for example, when Stripe goes public. I want to own shares of their company.


The first step is the reallocation of funds. I have too much money in individual equities right now, and too little in ETFs. 

BUT I don’t want to transfer it all at once. 

The best thing (mainly for my sanity) is to DCA the money from the equities to the ETFs over the next year. 

I’ve set up an automated transfer to do this monthly until the end of the year, at which point I will be “rebalanced”.


The other big question I had was “what ETFs do I invest in?” 

I couldn’t really find a good answer to that. My whole goal is to not have to spend time researching stocks, but wouldn’t I have to spend time researching and constantly analyzing ETFs?

Through ETFs, I wanted to invest in value stocks and emerging markets.

The answer was right in front of me: use the robo advisor! I already had one set up! 

This does a good job of investing in international stocks, value stocks, bonds, etc. It’s probably not 100% optimized, but historically it’s done a pretty good job against Vanguard

It also has tax-loss harvesting, something I could not really do on my own.

Going forward

What about future investments? I like to put away money on a set schedule. Been doing that since my business has had consistent profits.

I’ll invest $X/week, with 65% going into ETFs, 25% going into individual stocks, and 10% going into Bitcoin. It’s all set up, automatic.