November 5th, 2020
I don’t believe in stock picking, but I like to make small bets on products that I use.

Upwork, a talent/freelancing platform, is a product I use every day. It’s a great product and it’s been huge for my business.

So, I invested some money into them a few weeks back. Today, their stock popped 40%.

I’m not trying to show off that I bought at the right time, as I plan to hold this stock for a very long time, regardless of price fluctuations.

The key here is that I had a little “insider information”: that I use it and love the product! I recommend it to everyone. I even wrote about it in some blog posts. 

Feel clueless about stocks? Just look around. Invest in what you know. Invest in what you use. 

Chances are, you have better intuition about some companies than Wall St does. I bet that I know more about Upwork than the average Upwork investor.

I’m investing in them because I believe in them as a company. I have a strong intuition they will only get bigger.