May 26th, 2022
I invest money every single week. 60% into index funds (auto balancing robo investor). 20% into equities. And 20% into Bitcoin.

I have it set up so it withdraws and deposits the money automatically every week. I barely even think about it much. But it feels like a nice way to financial independence. 

1. Make consistent money from a profitable business (cash flow)
2. Don't spend too much of it on yourself, invest as much cash as you can each week
3. Sell that profitable business one day

You get the best of both worlds if you do this. You build wealth predictably, but also set yourself up for a potential big exit lump sum (if you're lucky). 

But if that doesn't work, you can always fall back on your money you diligently invested.

And if you're really lucky, something like Bitcoin really pays off.