February 18th, 2021
Today, I started listening to the book Invent & Wander by Jeff Bezos.

The book is actually just a collection of his shareholder letters from the inception of Amazon.

His letters remind me of the monthly updates I do for Starter Story.

Sometimes, I think I’ll stop doing these updates. They are a bit boring and I don’t get all that much feedback. 

But I won’t stop. This book has reminded me to keep doing them.

In Bezos’ letters, he often says things like:

  • We are still “day 1” in e-commerce
  • We are barely scratching the surface with X

I love his energy, his optimism, his conviction, and his bold ambition.

This is the energy I try to channel in my updates, too. Here’s my latest one.

I’m on a smaller stage than Amazon, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have the same energy.

What I love about Starter Story, is that similar to Amazon, the sky’s the limit. Starter Story is a brand. We can expand to new markets, mediums, etc. 

Just like Amazon. They expanded to new markets and products.

I have a new respect for Bezos. It really makes sense why Amazon is the way it is. I’ll keep studying and report back.