April 17th, 2020
Today, I had a customer who was trying out Pigeon.

They had a bug so they messaged me through the app - we got to talking and we couldn't solve the issue. So I offered to jump on a screen share and look into the problem.

We got on screen share and then solved the issue.

Getting to talk to a customer organically like this is awesome, so I asked him why he was checking out Pigeon and what he did for work.

He started talking and telling me why, but for some reason, I got "spooked" - we started talking about competitors but I didn't want to come of like a "sales guy" so I just told him to let me know which product he ends up going with.

I wish I just kept talking, kept selling, kept asking questions about him, but I didn't.

And then, when the call ended, I immediately regretted not doing this. FUCK.

It was like when you see a cute girl, contemplate talking to her, you hesitate, and then it's over - and you think "what if" for the rest of the day...