August 4th, 2023
How I built a $1M business on 2 hours a day.

This is the story of how I changed my life from a Starbucks:


It's 2017 and:

- I'm 5 years into "working for the man"
- I'm $50,000 in debt
- I feel like there's no way out

Me: "I'm going to start a side project to get myself out of this."


Months go by.

No progress.

Same old story...

Full of ideas and dreams with no plan on how to execute them.



I'm gifted the book "Deep Work."

Deep work is the state of focused, undistracted, and highly productive work where one can reach a state of flow and accomplish meaningful tasks.

Why do I struggle so much with actually getting sh*t done?

Maybe deep work is the answer?

My plan:

1. After I get off work, go straight to Starbucks
2. Order a large drip coffee
3. Turn off phone, turn on site blocker
4. Work on my side project for 2 hrs


October 18, 2017:

I get off work. I order my coffee. I sit down, turn off my phone and start working.

"Wow, this is so f*ing hard."

2 hours of pain and suffering later...

"This is the most progress I've made in years."


I go back the next day, and the next day.

Suddenly, I'm addicted to that feeling of progress.

What originally felt like a struggle now feels fun.

Deep work is thrilling, and the 2 hours fly by. 

Flow state.

I start to look forward to these sessions. 

I'm building a habit.


There's just one issue: I'm wiped out after work...

I switch to the morning, and my progress accelerates even more!

New routine:

1. Wake up 6AM, go straight to Starbucks
2. Order lg drip coffee
3. Turn off phone
4. Work on side project for 2 hrs
5. Go to my day job


I did this routine for 365 days.

October 18, 2018 (1yr later):

- I've built a side project ( making $3,000/mo
- I've paid off ~$30K in debt
- I've made plans to quit my FT job to go all in on Starter Story
- I've learned how to actually execute on sh*t


Now is making $1M/year.

But... I certainly wasn't perfect. Of course I missed days!

However, I got addicted to the process, and the PROGRESS.

& I found myself doing 3,4, even 5 hours of deep work on days when I had the energy.



1. do deep work
2. consistently
3. over a long period of time

And you'll make a sh*t ton of progress.

I recommend this routine to anyone building anything.

I still find two hours every day for deep work.