October 7th, 2020
Question from a reader:
I think you have a very healthy outlook, believing there are “too many opportunities”. You are probably very optimistic about the future, which is one of the most important things in building a business.

Truth is, most people believe there are “no more opportunities” / “everything has already been done”. 

Most people believe this only out of ignorance. They haven’t spent the time to dig a little deeper and see just how much opportunity there really is out there. There are still millions of successful businesses that haven’t been done yet.

So I think you’re many steps ahead of the game just by having this mindset.

When I first started out, I started a million projects and failed at all but one of them. 

Anyone who’s smart and experienced will tell you to only work on one thing.

That’s the right advice, but it’s also very hard to follow as a founder. At least it was for me. I went against this advice for years.

My advice: learn this the hard way. Start lots of projects. Overwhelm yourself. Understand the pain of running multiple businesses and not being able to focus on one. 

Once you make those mistakes, you won’t make them again. Right now you have so much energy that you can probably do this and still be successful.

You’ll learn so much in the process. I think you’ll learn and grow more than if you just stuck to one single project. Keep going!