November 21st, 2019
Ups and downs.

Highs and lows.

Yesterday I signed up two new customers. I was feeling amazing as it's been a bit slow recently.

Then today, I had two customers churn. Pretty much out of the blue. One of them was a really great customer.

"Our department decided to switch things up and we no longer need your tool."

Lots of time poured into that customer and support, back and forth.

I don't regret it though - I learned a lot through that process and built some great features that helped improve the product.

But it sucks. It's still depressing. It's rejection. When you lost two customers in one day, you feel like shit. You feel like you're not moving forward, but rather stuck in a place where you get new customers and then they just fall off.

Will I ever hit $1000 MRR? Feels like I'm running in place sometimes.

I know that my tool is useful. I just don't have the right customer profile and there are so many things that are holding me back, like the Google audit.

It just takes time and patience. These things take years.

  • Focus on the vision. 
  • Focus on the marketing.
  • Focus on the customers.
  • Build something great. 

You're not building a job board. You're not building a blog. You're building a platform that people will run their business on. Once you can figure out "how to do it right" everything will start to fall in place.

All these little failures are learning.

^^ this is self-talk