October 13th, 2020
Today, I met up with a fellow founder friend.

We met in the middle of the “workday”, at 11 am, played tennis for a couple of hours, and got lunch.

We both acknowledged how awesome it is that we have this kind of freedom. 

We don’t have to ask anyone’s permission or request any time off. We just choose what we want to do, right at any moment.

But right after we acknowledged this, we also agreed how much we already take this freedom for granted.

With this freedom, we now stress about how we’re not being productive enough with it. We’re focused on the “next milestone” or that shiny new thing in the distance.

Just a couple of years ago, we dreamed of the idea of owning our schedules, being our own boss, and getting paid to build cool shit.

Now we have it, and it feels so damn normal. 

“Was this all it was really cracked up to be?”