November 11th, 2020
There are a million ways to make a million dollars. 

Call it hubris, but I know how I could make a million dollars in six months if I did a few things.

I’m not saying these things are easy, but they are quite simple. They’d just be time-consuming. And it would mean going in a different direction with my company.

If I had investors, I might be labeled as ‘fiscally irresponsible’. I’d be doing them a disservice by not following the money.

But I don’t want to do those things! I know that I should, but I’m not motivated enough to work really hard on them. They don’t sound like any fun, or what I’m excited about.

I asked my founder friend about this:

“Do you ever think you’re a ‘bad’ entrepreneur because you don’t always follow the money?”

His response:

"Yes, I go through this. I could be rich if I did [REDACTED]. As an entrepreneur, you realize there are unlimited opportunities to make unlimited money. But, we became entrepreneurs because we love to build things. Because we wanted to build our own things. If we were only in it for the money, we’d be better off working salary jobs and investing our profits.”

You can always follow the money more. But the more you follow it, the more you sacrifice in other areas. Your time. Your fulfillment. Your vision.

You’ll never be able to fully maximize money following. There’s always more money right around the corner. 

So, keep a balance. You’ll still get rich, it just might be a bit slower.

Make a million doing the things you love. That’ll feel better in the end.