May 2nd, 2020
Often I'll put off a feature for a while - often because it "feels" big.

Then, I'll go and build it, and then it's done in a couple hours.

Always happens to me.

Now, the harder piece here is determining if I should build these features in the first place.

I shouldn't build new features "just because" - or because one customer asked for it.

So maybe "putting off" these features is actually the right move. I put them off like this until it "feels" like I'm losing customers over it - or it "feels" really painful to not build the feature.

I don't think you can determine that right away. It's many days/weeks/months of customer feedback and then finally pulling the trigger.

Because, although it's easy to build the feature, this new feature is a new "weight" on the business. Technical weight, causes more bugs, more documentation, more changes in messaging, more onboarding, and potentially a more convoluted product...