April 29th, 2020
Everyone's got ideas.

  • Ideas for businesses
  • Ideas for how the country should be run
  • Ideas for how celebrities should act
  • Ideas for how a movie could be better
  • Ideas for how an artist could have made better music
  • Ideas for how people should live their life
  • Ideas for how relationships work
  • Ideas about God, religion, happiness, meaning of life, etc

If you have ideas, but don't go about sharing and representing them constructively, as well as executing on those ideas, then people won't respect you.

I went to the bookstore the other day and saw like 10 anti-Trump books featured on the shelf. Then, I went on Twitter and saw a bunch of people arguing about the latest politics thing/flavor of the week.

Nobody respects these authors/pundits. Nobody will remember these people.

The ones that will be remembered are the ones that had ideas and actually worked on those ideas their whole life.

I often think about this video on Bernie Sanders. Who cares about politics, left/right, etc - Bernie gets my respect because executed, for decades, mostly quietly. People will remember Bernie.