April 13th, 2022
I looked through my timeline, and I guess I stopped blogging every day over the last year. I even stopped doing my monthly updates. Part of me thinks that it’s like some sort of depression, but really, I think I’m just going through changes, as a person and as an entrepreneur.

I’ve just been a more balanced person, I would say. I ended the nomad life and got a nice apartment with my girlfriend.

I’ve been playing tons of tennis and really trying to improve my game in the long haul. I see tennis as another side hustle, in some ways, although it doesn’t make any money. It’s something that I really enjoy building and growing and learning.

We also got a dog. I bought a car, too. A couple years ago, I would have told you I’d never do these things.

Also, my business is changing. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about what’s going on because I’m not sure it’s going to work out! It feels like we are blazing a different path, now. I’m talking to people in new industries that I didn’t know existed.

Every year (as an entrepreneur) I become dumber and I realize I know very little. 

And to write a really good blog post, you really have to feel confident (and complete) on your topics, especially if you want to write great pieces.

But more and more lately, I’m in learning mode. Embracing the idea of being a life long learner.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be writing. I still write every day, often it’s just in a notebook, or something internal for Starter Story.

I’m resurrecting this daily blog, starting yesterday. More to come.