June 21st, 2020
In October 2018, I quit my last ‘real’ job.

That moment, that first day working for myself - that was one of those moments that I'll never forget.

The main thing I can remember is that everything was so clear.

I had that great feeling of purpose, of no anxiety, and being ultimately present.

Some people feel this moment early in life. Some later. Some people never feel this. (note - it's also not for everyone)

It took me nearly 10 years of working 'real' jobs and different careers to finally figure this out.

The road to get there took a lot of twists and turns - could I have figured it out faster? It's complicated.

But there's one thing I think that slowed me down: I didn't always listen to myself, deep down.

Because deep down, I had this crazy idea in my head the whole time. Deep down, I knew I could do it. Deep down, I knew the answer was right in front of me. Deep down, I knew I didn't need a big job, a nice apartment, or nice things. Deep down, I knew I could lose it all. Deep down, I knew this is what I always wanted.

If you don't listen to yourself deep down, you're living a lie. And if you lie to yourself consistently, over many years, you might become sort of miserable.

Life is about finding meaning. To find meaning, do what you find meaningful.

You just need to look deep down to find it.