July 20th, 2020
One of the hardest parts about owning a business is that I can't commiserate with anyone about my struggles.

Not with my employees, my customers, my investors (if I had any), and not with my co-founders.

Sometimes, I just want to complain! But that is a very dangerous thing to do.

Even if I'm just irritable and tired, like today, I cannot show it.

When messages and emails come in, it's my duty as a business owner and a leader to handle them as promptly and correctly as possible - and to show no complaints while doing so.

When I was an employee, I could complain all I wanted. I could take the onus off of myself in most situations, and wave my hands in the air in surrender when I didn't have an answer.

If I did this as a founder, my company wouldn't exist anymore, and nobody would want to work for me.

It is the leader's job to always have the solution - every question or unknown must have an answer, a plan, and a way to move forward.

It is an amazing experience in personal growth. I'd recommend it to everyone.

note: the only acceptable people to commiserate with are other founders, which is always nice. Or with friends and family, but often they can't relate.