September 8th, 2020
Most people go through their life waiting for change:

  • Waiting for their partner to change
  • Waiting for their friends to change
  • Waiting for the weather to change
  • Waiting for the economy to get better
  • Waiting for the weekend

But the issue here is you’re not watching all things change, you’re really just waiting for a few things to change, in your favor.

In other words, you’ll only notice the changes you’re looking for, and we all know that we are looking for is doesn't end up being the answer.

Expecting the world to change around you is narcissistic and selfish. How can you be so right and perfect that everything should change to your expectations?

This is why I cringe when I hear people speak in absolutes. People say the world should be this way or that way, but how do they know?

Instead of waiting for a change in others, change your perception of others.

Instead of waiting for the bad economy to change, change your perception of what is possible in a bad economy.

By changing your perception, what you might have seen as a flaw before is now something you love. Something that was a blocker is now an opportunity. Glass half full, always.

By changing your perception, you can make every single aspect of your life amazing, right now! You can have everything you ever wanted, right now! 

Nothing needs to change except yourself, and you have 100% control over that.