September 17th, 2020
Why am I so unmotivated lately? I don’t have clear enough goals.

I’m not excited about the things I’m working on, like I used to.

I need to do things that excite me. Sometimes, these aren’t work related things. I need to embrace that.

But I feel SO guilty when I don’t work on “work”. I shouldn’t. I have plenty of runway.

I need to read more. To be more curious. To be more unplugged. Need a reset.

Remember the think week? That’s what I need again.

Not everything has to be so rigid. Need to get out of my comfort zone. Do things that are outside the routine. Break it all up.


Update: Felt like shit when I wrote this ^^

I got out of my own head, went into airplane mode, and went to the skatepark (a bit different than my normal routine).

Landed a kickflip for the first time in 10 years. Feel much better now :)