June 27th, 2020
My friend showed me HEY email today.

I’ve been following the hype and have huge respect for the Basecamp guys, but I still have no interest in the app.

No ‘app’ will fix email.

Email can only be “fixed” in the mind of the user. 

That's actually why HEY is doing so well - they’re helping people think differently about email, which may, at one point, help them 'fix' their inboxes.

But as I recently wrote, productivity apps have lost their luster.

I ‘fixed’ email a long time ago. The fix: doing 10x less of it.

Most problems can be solved by simply eliminating what is causing the problem in the first place.

In fact, these problems exist because we, at one point, made some sort of choice (or series of choices) that led to this problem.

If we just undo those choices, we solve the problem!

But instead, we try to solve our problems with Bandaid solutions

Using HEY won’t fix the core issues of your inbox, it’ll just put a bandaid over it.

This goes for many other things in life.

Problem: We’re unhappy in our jobs. 
Bandaid solution: Indulge when we’re not working, live for the weekend. 
Real solution: Quit that job, find something you love.

Problem: Unhealthy/overweight. 
Bandaid solution: Fancy diet, expensive gym, diet pills, etc. 
Real solution: Stop eating unhealthy forever. 

Problem: Boredom.
Bandaid solution: Netflix.
Real solution: Do something with your life.