June 28th, 2020
I’m back in New York City, for a good while.

I left NYC in October 2018 when I quit my job and went full time on my own business.

I didn’t leave New York because I didn’t like it - I left because I couldn’t afford it while starting a new business.

But I told myself I’d be able to come back here when I hit $10k/month in revenue, and here I am.

I love cities like New York because it feels like you don’t know anyone, and nobody knows you.

Every day, I feel like I can start something new, be somebody new, and do anything I want - and nobody would care.

Part of the reason I love that is because I grew up in a small town - where everybody is in each other’s business. I can’t stand that.

There’s a certain independence in living in NYC. It’s the best.