October 9th, 2020
There’s this really neat feature on the iPhone that will auto-create a montage for you from photos and videos in your camera roll.

It will use the location and time and facial recognition technology to make pretty decent videos. It also adds music to it as well.

It’s basically an "automated vlog", which I think is so friggin' cool.

After exploring this feature, it's inspired me to take more videos

More specifically, to take videos of more random stuff in my everyday life. Videos of hanging out with friends, cooking, relaxing, and playing sports.

Taking 4K video is now possible on most iPhones, and these days, you can whip out your phone and film stuff and no one will even notice. It just looks like you're snapping a photo or doing an IG story.

I’ve always wanted to have a vlog, but it's always been too much work to do all of the editing... 

I think that Apple is onto something here, and this technology will get even better. I also thing there is a good business idea here: automated vlogs / video creation / video editing...

Here’s the automated vlog that my iPhone created, from videos I took one day in France. Pretty cool, right?