January 10th, 2021
One of my goals for 2021 is to get better at keeping receipts and tracking business expenses.

I wanted to find a better way to “automate” saving receipts. I started building something in Zapier for this:

Anytime I have a receipt, I email it as an attachment to this email address:

I set up a filter in Gmail to automatically skip the inbox if it’s coming TO this email:

The Zapier logic is set up to look under the Receipts folder for any emails WITH an attachment. If it finds one, it uploads it automatically to Google Drive:

After it uploads to Google drive, it also updates inside my expenses tracking spreadsheet with a link directly to the Google drive file. 

That way, I can easily attribute it to the expense from my credit card.

Picture Receipts

When I take a photo on my iPhone of a paper receipt, I can simply email it to that same email address, and it will also upload to the Google Drive.

Non-attachment receipts?

If you ever get an email with the receipt in the body of the email? Simply forward it to [email protected]. They’ll convert the email to a PDF and send it back to you, for free. I set up another filter to handle that: