August 21st, 2020
Asking for things is the biggest challenge of my life.

Asking for help. Asking a girl out on a date. Asking for a favor. Asking someone for a meeting. Asking someone to make plans with me. Asking for a raise or a promotion. 

Instead of asking, I’ll do the opposite. I’ll work really with the goal of getting people to ask me things.

People ask me for meetings. People ask me for help. And sometimes (rarely), girls ask me out.

This is the mantra of the creator or the do-er. We think that the best results will come from putting our heads down and working hard.

But this is a mental crutch.

  • For every person that asks you for help, you should ask someone else for help.
  • For every guy/girl who asks you on a date, you should ask someone else out.
  • For every easy coding task you do, you must also complete a hard marketing task.

Above are some simple examples of how to exit the comfort zone, which, in my opinion, is 100x more powerful than working hard (it’s still important but I don’t need any improvements here).

If working hard is a cup of coffee, getting out of your comfort zone is 10 hits of meth.