November 6th, 2020
Another YC interview. Another rejection.

This time it was closer, I think. Better business idea. Better team. More experience.

In terms of rejection sting:

  • First YC rejection (2017): sad for a week
  • Second YC rejection (2019): sad for a few days
  • Third YC rejection (2020): sad for a few hours

I’ll always remember this quote from a YC applicant’s experience:

I’ve seen people who grew up in privileged families became super depressed and went to see therapists after getting tiny rejections (e.g., negative comments on their projects or people didn’t reply their emails)— those people hadn’t faced any difficulties growing up, so they didn’t get enough “rejection trainings” when they were young. It’s good to be rejected again and again.

Some people are so afraid of rejection that they can’t do anything, they’re paralyzed. I know a lot of people like this.

I’ve never been the greatest at rejection, but I’m working on it. In the last year, I’ve grown a lot here.

But I need to get rejected more. Why? Because my rejection last night is now giving me fuel. 

Today, I don't feel sad. Today, I'm motivated and inspired.