April 15th, 2020
A lot of people will try to give you advice in life.

Whether indirectly (a tweet you read), or directly (a phone conversation), I think it's important to understand that all advice is contextual, meaning it worked for them but it won't work the same for you.

I think as a founder you should be especially skeptical of advice from:

  • someone who works at a marketing agency
  • someone who does "consulting"
  • Instagram entrepreneurs
  • someone who sells courses
  • podcasts
  • forums
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • everything you read on LinkedIn
  • etc

^^ Because on all of these mediums, there is usually something to gain from you - whether it's your money, your time, or your attention.

Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but it's hard to remember a time where I took advice from a podcast and it worked really well. Sure, I've learned a lot from podcasts - but it's more "fundamentals" stuff (which is obviously important).

The biggest breakthroughs for me have usually been when I figured out something myself, or discovered a new "thing" through trial and error and hours of focused work honing it in.

The only exception I've found where advice is mostly solid is from other founders who are also currently building a company

And it's usually not advice I want from these people - it's more just someone to talk to who also knows what I'm going through.