June 3rd, 2020
Every single day I have to forcefully resist myself from starting new things.

For example, this weekend I thought I would become a music producer, downloaded Ableton, and starting following YouTube tutorials.

That lasted about 45 minutes.

My whole life has consisted of trying new things, whether it was my career, hobbies, new diets, hairstyles, etc.

But I'm getting better.

I think I know now, that if I keep trying new things every year, my life will be shallow. I will know a little about a lot.

I want to know a lot about a little.

Why? I think it would lead to more happiness, more stability, and more success in our lives.

But it's never that easy.

One issue I've always had with "a lot about a little" is that I'm scared to have an identity or a "thing" that I'll have to live with forever.

For example, when we think of Tiger Woods, we think "golfer" - that's his "thing".

What's my "thing"?

I like to think of myself as a multi-faceted individual - I have many interests, hobbies, and professions. But so does Tiger Woods!! We just think of him as a golfer though.

I wish we didn't have to be known for one "thing" - why can't we be known for all the things?

I think that is some sort of fallacy (Wikipedia?).

Because likely, everyone already sees me as one "thing" - I'm not sure what that "thing" is because it's not even in my control (what others think of me). Maybe it's "dude with bad posture in coffee shop" or "John's random friend"...

Back to the topic though - when do we accept that we can only be great at one thing?

I don't know if I've accepted it yet, or if I ever will. I don't think I have that kind of conviction.

And I doubt I'm the only one that feels this way. If everyone knew their one "thing" - this world would be a much different place.

As Rust Cohle says:

Life is barely long enough to get good at one thing. Just gotta be careful about what you get good at.