November 20th, 2020
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a bit about SEO. Mostly, to help me think better about the course I’m working on.

I’m still going through each email I’ve received (over 200!) about the course and sending a personalized reply.

Two people have doubted my approach or said this wouldn’t work for them. This gives me a bit of self-doubt, but it’s also motivating me to work and think harder about how I can make the best course possible.

Anyways... it’s helpful to write more about it...

I have no secrets about SEO. I just have a framework for moving quickly and dominating it.

As a small or bootstrapped business, SEO is the most important channel because it’s free traffic, or more importantly, free money.

But on the flip side, the hardest thing about SEO is lack of time/bandwidth

Writing a great article takes 8+ hours. I might be able to use sheer willpower to do that a few times, but it’s never going to be scalable.

So, you might get stuck in this scenario: 

  1. You vow to “do SEO”
  2. Set up an elaborate plan
  3. Work hard on a couple of articles
  4. Publish them
  5. Not much results...
  6. Life happens...
  7. You stop writing and publishing
  8. “SEO doesn’t work for me”

I’ve been there many times.

The issue with that approach is that it’s missing two key things (1) experimentation and (2) tracking results.

Just like a "lean startup", you win by experimenting & trying new things, getting feedback from the market, tracking results, and pivoting based on that.

I really started to see results when I started approaching my content this way.

More to come…