June 25th, 2020
Wow - it’s been nearly 8 months of writing every single day.

The benefits of writing every day is a topic for a longer post - but man, it’s hard to put into words how much this is helping me.

Most notably, it is allowing me to work through my own problems faster. I believe it is helping me grow as a human at an accelerated rate.

I’ve gone through many ebbs and flows over the past months. There are some periods where I dread writing these, and there are other periods where I really look forward to it every day.

The past week or so has been awesome. I sit down at around 10 pm every night and just write for an hour or two. I go into this crazy focused state - it feels like another world. I love it.

But I know that tomorrow I might enter a dull phase again - and that’s OK - I am still committing to daily writing.

I do feel that my writing has improved a lot over the past months. The other day, I went back and looked at some old posts, and it feels like I’ve come a long way.

One reason I’m doing this daily writing thing is because I want to become a really good writer. I want to write essays like Paul Graham.

I want to write about more than just my own story, and my own personal experiences - I want to get more deep. I don’t want to just write about startups and stuff - I want to write about life.

But I’m not there yet - and that’s OK.

I came across an awesome quote from Paul Graham’s blog on how to write better:

“The other constraint you can relax is a little surprising: publication. Writing essays doesn't have to mean publishing them. That may seem strange now that the trend is to publish every random thought, but it worked for me. I wrote what amounted to essays in notebooks for about 15 years. I never published any of them and never expected to. I wrote them as a way of figuring things out. But when the web came along I'd had a lot of practice.”

This daily blog is my version of that.

I also want to experiment with video essays on YouTube like this. I want to pair my writing with some cool visuals and also, I think YouTube is the best place for the distribution of my ideas.

If you have any ideas around that, I’d love to hear.