May 3rd, 2022
Since I started playing tennis, I’ve been documenting every time I’ve played, practiced, or just hit around for fun.

I track lots of things, such as type of play, opponent, court type, duration, score, and some notes.

(I didn’t actually start doing this until 1 year in, so I had to make up some of the data based on my old playing habits)

I put this all in my “Life” spreadsheet where I also track personal finances, expenses, investments, my business, and other things. I used to have a few different spreadsheets for this, but recently I merged them all into one.

The first tab of my “Life” spreadsheet is my high level “Home” dashboard where I can see bigger picture stuff, like net worth, last 30 months expenses, etc.

I just use some formulas on the raw data and can see some pretty cool stuff. 

For example, how many hours I’ve spent playing in the last 30 days, or my official win-loss record.

I’ve dedicated 715 hours to playing tennis over the last couple years. Sometimes, I wish I could get better, faster. But then I realize that 700 hours is really not that much. Imagine how good I’ll be at 10,000 hours!