July 16th, 2020
I love playing tennis.

Although I'm a runner, I think I like tennis more right now.

I wake up at 6 AM every day to get to the courts early.

Here in New York City, the courts are crowded and sometimes I have to wait for up to two hours, just to play for one hour.

If you wake up at 6 AM to do anything voluntarily, it's a pretty good sign you love doing it.

I don't even own a racket. I've just borrowed my friend's racket who never plays.

It's funny how people own things and never use them.

Most people buy these things to feel good - like people who love the idea of tennis so they buy the rackets, the tennis bag, the shoes, the balls, the attire, but then play once a year.

True passion doesn't care about any of that.

It's the same for starting a business. Some people do it for the status, the LinkedIn bio, or so they can introduce themselves as a 'founder'.

But the real entrepreneurs just quietly wake up at 6 AM every day and work.

I don't care about my racket, how I look, what shoes I use. I just want to go out and play. 

It's what gets me out of bed at 6 AM every day.