January 2nd, 2022
1. Help 1B entrepreneurs by 2025

Impact 1 Billion entrepreneurs by January 1, 2025 - reach 1 Billion unique individuals through Starter Story's products and media.

This is the most important goal because it prioritizes everything else. Every hour of every day will have a purpose, as this is the main goal that I'm working towards for the next 3 years.

Good things come in threes, right? Every 3 years, I set a goal like this. And I put it on a piece of paper and try to read it every morning and evening.

One thing I need to do better: announce this goal to the world. I need to talk about it more. I have some fear that maybe I can't do it, or this is a stupid goal. But I need to be open... There's no more hiding when you state your intentions and purpose with the world.

2. 6AM Wakeup

6AM Weekdays & 6AM Weekends. 

Been doing this for a couple months, but I need a few more months to build the habit.

This is the habit that makes all the other good habits fall into place: reading, writing, eating well, etc.

3. NTRP 4.5 Ranking (tennis)

Right now 3.5. In order to get better, I need to:

  • Find the right coach & take 1 lesson per week
  • Play 1 match per week
  • Play 1 person better than me per week
  • Learn to learn: Drills, books, and cross-training

4. Life & People

  • Take a week off every quarter, disconnect, learn something new
  • Travel somewhere every month, even if it’s just for the weekend, or working out of a different city. Spend money on travel.