December 21st, 2020
Selling knowledge will be the biggest business trend in 2021.

And it won’t be in tech circles.

It will explode in mainstream professions like mental health, fitness, law, etc. 

In 2021, “regular” people will finally realize they have a massive opportunity to sell their specialized knowledge, and make legitimate money doing so.

Here’s why I know:

My mom is a therapist. She is 61. Her therapy practice is overloaded since COVID. 

She does 8-10 sessions per day, and now has a months-long waitlist to see her.

She is working to the bone, squeezing out every last drop of her own time and energy. 

She has no more time to give. She has raised prices, but the leads keep calling every day and the waitlist continues to grow longer.

If she could, she’d make copies of herself. If she could do that, she could help thousands of people per month, instead of hundreds.

So how can she help thousands?

That’s where info products, blog posts, courses, etc come in. It’s the only answer to helping more people.

She can create blog posts, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, sell e-books, courses, etc around the topic of mental health.

Maybe that sounds scummy to sell this kind of thing? I used to think this in 2018, but now I don’t.

She charges $150 for an hour of her time. Why can’t she charge a similar amount for hundreds of hours of her time, in the form of written/video content?

In 2021, a lot of people like my mom will have this revelation: That helping others through content, videos, etc is far more scalable than doing it 1 on 1.

Consultants, personal trainers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, artists, photographers, interior designers, life coaches, massage therapists, motivational speakers, etc…

They will all realize they can supplement their incomes by selling their knowledge online, and they don’t need a big audience to do it.

My mom doesn’t have an audience, but she does have people banging on her door for her services. That's more than enough to make some money today.

This is the opportunity that comes with (1) being an expert at what she does and (2) her profession being thrust into the online world with COVID.

It's no longer a cool idea, but an essential step in growing her business.

So, typically, online content (like e-books) are created as a lead magnet to sell more products, sell consulting, etc.

But for my mom, it's actually the opposite! She's got so many hot leads she can't do anything with. Selling her knowledge is a real solution to her problems.

And that’s what I learned with the Lean SEO course. I wasn’t an SEO influencer. I just had a few people who knew I was doing cool things in SEO. I made a good chunk of change by sharing that knowledge in a scalable way.