June 26th, 2020
People are born a certain way.

Privileged people go to college and become intellectuals and eventually get the blue check marks next to their usernames.

Unprivileged people become working-class simpletons - they work in factories and McDonald's.

These simpletons could become intellectuals, but what's the point?

Society has a plan for all of us, and it's better to just follow that.

Society and economics are super predictable at this point - we know what will happen if we don't have a lockdown, or if the president passes the PurpleParty's bill - did you read what the experts are saying?

The PurpleParty are literally the worst humans on the planet - how can they be so stupid!?

Did you hear what George Stanton, leader of the PurpleParty, said in that interview?

If we keep allowing everyone to speak their mind, it will lead us to war and disease.

It's so obvious that we need to follow exactly what the experts are saying - how can the PurpleParty be so out of line?

I don't know about you, but I don't to want bring to my children into this world.

There's too much that could go wrong for children these days. Our society is too fucked up.

Growing up is also a bit pointless because kids can learn everything they need through the Internet and YouTube.

I think you can learn everything you need to know by age 12. YouTube is so much more efficient than the current schooling system.

It's ridiculous that we spend so much money on a college education - when you can learn most of it on YouTube.

Soon, we'll be able to download curriculums, knowledge bases, and logic frameworks directly into the brain.

Seems like there's not much of a point of having kids anyways, right? It's an incredibly unproductive thing, having and raising kids. Technology will solve that soon.

What's the point of marriage, too? Nobody gets married anymore.

Instagram gives me access to everyone in the world. I haven't met up with anyone in a few months, though, because I haven't really felt a connection with anyone when I do.

If I can't feel a connection with anyone after two dates, I don't think I'll find someone to spend the rest of my life with.

I have been DMing with Amy Halster though for a couple months, have you seen her page?

Her page makes it look like she's always traveling, but she actually posts all of these from home.

Why do people love to travel so much anyways?

I've found that everyone talks about how great a place like London is, but when I got there I found it's just the same as anywhere else.

What I found more fun was actually booking my travel and telling people I was going/went there, and to get the photo at one of those bright red telephone booths.

By the way, what do you think of this caption for that photo? I need to post this soon.

Did you see that guy on Joe Rogan yesterday?

That dude was crazy. I honestly can't believe he lives his life like that - he is going to die. I could never do that.

I followed him on Instagram, though, and have been watching his stories ever since. I can't stop watching.

But anyway, can you believe what George Stanton said?

He's been canceled by pretty much everyone now - what an idiot.

You shouldn't offend people like that. I know he probably had good intentions, but the way he said it was wrong.

He made them feel uncomfortable, and feeling uncomfortable is the scariest thing ever.

I hate that feeling.


This essay is my 2020 translation of Aldous Huxley's 1931 book Brave New World - a novel about a dystopian, futuristic society where people are born out of test tubes and into specific societal classes.

People of a lower class have no ambition to become smarter, because their brains have been trained to not want anything better. Ignorance is bliss.

People don't grow up, and have their brains trained through sleep hypnosis by an early age.

Society has trained people's brains to love spending money on travel, but to not actual enjoy the act itself.

There is no intimacy, as everyone belongs to each other. There is no love, no marriage, and people don't have kids (because test tubes are more efficient).

People are obsessed with the "outcasts" of society, but mainly for entertainment purposes and to demonstrate their own status.

Whenever people feel discomfort or stress or abnormality, they chant truisms in their head. If that put them at ease, they take prescription drugs that are doled out by the government.

These are not my own thoughts.