April 21st, 2020
A couple of weeks ago, I was talking about simplifying my todo list and moving to only three tasks/day.

Now, I'm pushing it down even more - to one task per day.

These "tasks" are different, though:

  • They are bigger in scope, they are more like a "project", a new feature, or a new process.
  • These tasks get finished to 100% - I try to solve all of the edge cases and set them up for the future (and so I don't have to touch them again)

These tasks aren't "respond to emails" or "publish new blog post" or "send newsletter". I still do those things, but they are busywork - they need to get done but they aren't a part of my "serious" todo list. They are just the day to day - and I need to keep thinking about ways that I don't have to do those things (through hiring, outsourcing, automating, or simply eliminating).